Activewear Redefined

Haiwear was born out of a vision for timeless activewear that defies trends. Our products are crafted from premium fabrics that can seamlessly integrate into your life inside and outside of the gym.

quality & usability

Your lifestyle knows no boundaries, and neither should your wardrobe. We embrace the concept of capsule dressing, curating pieces that seamlessly integrate into your life inside and outside the gym.


Deepti Suresh lived and worked around the world before recently settling in the UK. After spending many years working in the marketing and sportswear industry, she saw a need for luxury activewear that was both timeless and global in style and sensibility. The focus has been on seamless, clean lines and premium yet functional fabrics.

Haiwear was born during her time living in Shanghai; drawing inspiration from Shanghai's dynamic energy and its fusion of the old and the new. It was in the heart of this vibrant city that Haiwear came to life.

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